"Becoming The Parents We Want Our Children To Be"

- Goal Of Proverbs-

"Practical Pithy Principles Packing Powerful Punches"

- Not Promises-

"A Proverb A Day Keeps The Stupid Away"

-There Are 31 Proverbs ... 1 For Everyday Of The Week-

Message From Pastor Kevin

This study through Proverbs has sermons preached that tackle an area of life we need to use God's wisdom and help. These are teachings and principles that I want my 5 children to know and practice before they leave my home. Not only will you find sermons on this page, but also a handful of helpful print-outs that walk you through:
-Life Goals | Yearly Goals
-Weekly Goals
-Daily Goals
-Monthly Budget
-Plans To Love (relationships)
-Rite of Passage (plan to raise teens)

If you are not a parent … don’t worry. This workbook is to help you be the adult that God has called you to be. We are also called as Christians to make disciples - this means that you should have spiritual children.

May the Lord bless you on your journey to ADULTING


You can download as a PDF and fill out on computer or - print out, laminate, and use wet erase marker. Click on icons and to download documents.


You can use this for you life or yearly goals. It covers 6 areas of life: Spiritual, Relational, Physical, Financial, Professional, and Personal

Weekly Plan

You can use this to plan out your week for yourself and/or your family. 

Daily Plan

You can use this to plan out your day. "We don't plan to fail - we fail to plan." 

Plan To Love

Whether you are married, have kids, dating, have friends, have family, or making disciples - this document is to help you plan to LOVE the people God placed in your life


Very simple budget that can be filled out each week.

Rite Of Passage

This is a plan used for your teenage.  It's uncommon for American parents to declare their children as ADULTS. This exercise will help with that process 

Contact Pastor Kevin

He would love to be a help for you in any way possible as you look to ADULT.